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“NOTICE”   2016 Was not a good year for me due to a lot of fraud from people in the US, not  from foreign countries which really is very upsetting to me. Because of this fraud and dishonesty I will no longer be building trommel’s for sale because quite frankly I’ve had about as much as I can take of dishonest people. I tried to build a quality machine and have appreciated  the great compliments & interest over the years, all I can say is I’m sorry to all those that may be interested in my machines. Joel

                                                                                                                                                                                                  J.O.G Mining, LLC specializes in 100 percent handmade 12″ gold mining trommel wash plants, they are built & tested by me one at a time.  These trommels are a perfect step up from a highbanker and they do the classifying for you. They can process up to a yard & half every hour depending on the type of material you are running. They are powered by a dependable Honda  GX120 and come with a Honda 3 year parts & labor warranty on the engine. They also come with a proven Keene sluice box that can be added onto for better recovery if need be. These machines are designed to be very portable for getting into those hard to reach areas and will also disassemble down into 6 major componets without any tools for ease of transporting or getting into your mining location.

Average time to disassemble & reassemble is 3 min. Dry weight of this machine is 240LBS, with sluice box total weight is 265LBS. This trommel requires roughly a 130 to 150 GPM pump. Made with no plastic parts the trommel is sturdy and durable no matter where you choose to take it. And, with no-flat rubber tires, you’ll never have to worry about airing up before heading out to the grounds.

Best of all, the J.O.G. Mining trommel comes with an easily accessible low profile hopper that makes shoveling dirt directly into it very easy.

JOG Portable Gold Mining Trommel Plant Wash